TheEllimist a posted Nov 4, 17

Survival has now recovered and is fully playable, so let us know if you encounter any problems. Survival has been given two new plugins to shake things up and make it more interesting. Now you have the option to drink blood as Vampires, rend flesh as Werewolves or stay as a puny human trying to survive against the creatures of darkness.

The guides to both plugins are given below, go over them throughly before choosing your path. Will you be the undead, the beast or the man?

Read: Werewolf Guide or Vampire Guide, there are helpful hints for humans in both guides!

Euriella help i cant get back in the server and so cant venna!
GodOfDildos Noice :3 I reconsider coming back to OC if you don't mind.
Kevin Great news , and choose wisely ;)

Factions Online

Radler a posted Nov 4, 17

Factions has now recovered and is fully playable. Unfortunately Survival is a bit harder to restore and it still in progress but should be back up in a day hopefully. In the meantime feel free to kill time on Factions and let us know if you encounter any problems. Unfortunately you may experience balance losses in Factions as the back up is from when Factions was still quite new. Since we can't do anything about this we will be giving out 2 ultimate keys per person as compensation, and we hope this can make up for what you may have lost.

I'm looking forward to the server being one hundred percent back up and running and hope to see you guys soon.

cpeezy im always online
cpeezy please give me 2 ulti keys now please
NicolasT228 How do we receive those 2 ultimate keys?
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